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June 16, 2017
Mulberry and Lime Jam
June 17, 2017

Helen Ambrosen, Lush Co-Founder and Product Inventor, discusses our new Self Preserving product range whilst making our beautiful Mask of Magnamity face …



  1. Jess Soulsby says:

    if you ask nicely can you get a sample from the middlesbrough store

  2. Kendall Yim says:

    The new recipe looks a lot thinner than before is that on purpose?

  3. Ian Coates says:

    i doubt suave has this amount of care and love in their soaps.

  4. does self preserving mask of magnaminty need to be refrigerated?

  5. Katapillar says:

    I live in the USA so do I gotta go online?

  6. That's wonderful to hear since many preservatives out there are known carcinogens.

  7. Joe Banks says:

    Bentonite with metal?

  8. 5x4film says:

    Lush is all about profit margins. All their claims are flawed. They even go on to state SLS (sodium lauryl sulpahte) is ok….have a look at the uk website they state this with some scientific babble to confuse the consumer…. its is a major irritant and can cause all sorts of problems, Parabens are bad, very bad. traces are found in breast cancer tumours. why are other manufacturers ditching parabens and sls. sls is cheap, people think lots of foam is great, the stuff is a surfactant…. would you shower in fairy liquid…. Sorry lush, im a qualified chemist / chemical engineer, i do not fall for your hype, great video, very misleading for the non scientific minded

  9. Jayanta Sen says:

    Is it available in all Bath&Body Works store?Pls tell me

  10. Jayanta Sen says:

    +AnmolSharma Thanks for helping.I bought all the self preserving products.They are awesome

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