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August 12, 2017
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August 13, 2017

This week Jenna and Kaelyn have partnered with Gel-a-Peel to create custom phone cases for each other. The Gel-a-Peel 3D Design Station allows you create …



  1. Jay Lulla says:

    Hey guys watch a spectacular Take Off on my channel

  2. Evianna 432 says:

    Jenna talks so loud

  3. I love your videos my brother has just paid you

  4. Not mean but kaylen gets all of them

  5. Shanise Reid says:

    love how you made it for kaelyn jenna love the deacaration onto her Jenna good job kealyn yours was styleish as well

  6. ill make one for my friend name jasmine☺she is my best friend

  7. I would make it for Tara lynn

  8. I love seven super girls

  9. I love gellapell but I don't have it

  10. Emme_Plays says:

    Did anyone else notice that they were wearing the same thing

  11. Cool Lane says:

    I love 3d gelapeel it's so much fun

  12. Konks Njie says:

    I do not have a best friend so yeah

  13. Jermya Brown says:

    are y'all sisters or cousins

  14. LPS Sarah says:

    How do you guys get your playbottons

  15. Raina Lee says:

    where did you get that from ? i wa
    nt it

  16. Jenna can u and kealyn do sew cool Machine it is so fun I never tried it before but I want u to try it to what happened

  17. Lisa Foote says:

    Omg I love you guys can I meet you 2

  18. Katlin's looks like the Justice sigh

  19. Aman Kaur says:

    My best friend is calld alayna

  20. Did I anyone notice height difference

  21. Since Kaelyn leave SSG I think Jenna and Kaelyn are still bffs as you can see in the video their matching outfit see but I still miss Kaelyn but Jenna misses Kaelyn so much

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