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August 11, 2017
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Store Cilantro: Learn how to keep Cilantro Fresh for one complete Month in your Fridge (NOT Freezer). Watch to know how to …



  1. Zodija says:

    Still hoping to get an answer to a question I asked 9 months ago. How did the cilantro taste (and smell) after storing that long?

  2. PY says:

    Oversimplification and unnecessary long winding speech. The presentation should have been over within maximum 2 minutes.

  3. Hi! i think it's great to wrap them in sections, as you can open the bundle and use in sections one day and another the next. however, after wrapping the herbs, do I need to freeze it or put in fridge?

  4. Sathiya Raj says:

    Good for heath.thank for explain

  5. what will happen if we store in cloth

  6. thanks for valuable information

  7. kids gym says:

    I cut it and freeze it . its perfect. but when u want to use it u must take how much u need and put the balance back straightaway in the freezer. dont llet the balance defrost then freez it again . it becomes black .

  8. Milagros says:

    I'm trying it today 3/27/17.

  9. Ms Mccoy says:

    thanks for doing this comparison much obliged. Can you grow cutting with just stems and leaves. Trying this now but will also do this 🙂

  10. ARVIND GARG says:

    It's useless method of storage….Bakhvas hai

  11. इसे फ्रीज मे रखना है। या। फ्रिजर मे?

  12. Buster Brown says:

    Some ideas but just grow it.

  13. Vija Janu says:

    super. I was used this type is way. this is useful to me. thank you

  14. suma v says:

    thank u soo much

  15. Pravin Lal says:

    good tips but surely you can say all this in less than a minute ….and not 6 mins.

  16. ty so much! will do!

  17. thank u.. I tried its working

  18. carbon505 says:

    thank you for sharing this….i have tossed soooo many unused bunches due to rot. i'm trying this! i just need it to last about a week..or even a few days. cups of water dont work, its a hassle, my kitchen is tiny, tiny. and so is the fridge. my next resort, was simply grow my own. screw that! <for now>

  19. Devi Vinod says:

    But do wash it before use

  20. Tomahawk1999 says:

    to save 1 dollar worth of cilantro, we waste 1 dollar worth of paper towel…

  21. nmacog says:

    Good lad – this is the correct storage method.

  22. Lulu Hoang says:

    Will this work for all herbs and gteebs

  23. Simidae says:

    I find that a dumpster is the best place for the vile devil weed.

  24. g.e. g.e. says:

    You shouldn't use aluminum foil for food, because it is linked to Alzheimer's

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